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Thank you to the Squamish Arts Council for all your hard work... It's been a great month of teaching classes and Painting in the Park! Thank you Claire, Kat and all the amazing volunteers for making these great workshops and community events take place! xo Ciarra

Check out the Mural Until October 2022 in Stan Clark Park, Squamish BC

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Thanks to the Squamish Downtown BIA and Alex J Fawkes for all there planning and efforts it was a wonderful weekend!

Are you in need of making a more interesting space in your home or business?
Then let's chat! I would love to bring your space to life with a custom Mural.

Pet Portraits Watercolour, Pencil or Acrylic


Every portrait is intuitively created as Ciarra connects to the spirit of your animal, she brings through a touch of magic through the eyes of every animal she creates. Book today for a beautiful gift to yourself or someone else.