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Harnessing our inner mermaid goddess
We enjoyed beautiful night of painting c
Happy little Friday Cacti
I love being in creative social settings
Art exploration class last night was gre
Starry night sky..


Monday nights 7-9pm

{6 week sessions}  

This 6 week art exploration course will have you building a daily art practice. You will create 1-2 pieces of your choice. All visual references and supplies will be provided. You have the choice of working with watercolour, ink or graphite. There will be instruction and support provided for all 3 mediums, bring your own ideas/visuals or pick from a variety of options in the studio session. Come be social away from media, while honoring your creative self.

Cost $125 includes

1 sketchbook, pencil, eraser & pen. All chosen supplies for 1-2 pieces and weekly prompts to build your daily drawing practice


Book your spot:  


or text  604·849·5870

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